Owner, Shannon Morse tells us how eslee was born.

“Not all fashion has to be serious and so bougie. I built eslee being myself and being who I am. I don’t pretend to have it all together. I like to be silly and be serious. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for 20 years with some very well-known, and reputable brands who have taught me a lot. I chose to step out of the corporate world and begin my own journey creating eslee… my baby. For those of you that don’t know me, “eslee” is my name, “es” for the beginning of my first name “S” and “lee” for my middle name. I added the “e” so it looked and sounded more elegant. I wanted to make high quality, essential beachwear that was affordable to the everyday woman. I want to help women feel better about themselves and more comfortable in a swimsuit. There are so many swimwear brands out there that have super skimpy styles that barely cover your bits. This is what’s “trending” right now. I’m over following trends… I design styles that are timeless and will pair well with the other pieces you have in your closet. Essentials that elevate your beach wardrobe and are one-of-a-kind.”

“I have a booty and it’s hard to find brands that have a little bit more coverage. Yes, of course I want to be sexy and show off skin, but not all of it! When starting this brand, I made sure to create pieces that gave me coverage and made me feel sexy. I mean, come on.. you can’t show it ALL off… you gotta leave a little mystery there. Having versatility in a swimsuit is key. I want to be able to wear it how I want to in that moment, not let it wear me.

I’ve always been very conscious of the environment and believe in creating products that leave the world in a healthier state than we found it. I promise that we will always be transparent with our customers on our process, goals, and our vision. We may not be perfect, but we value our planet and are committed to contributing to a better future.

 I want to create an emotional experience with the customer. Make them feel connected to something bigger than just a pretty swimsuit. I have curves and a thicker booty. I was always self-conscious of it and to be honest, I still am. But I choose to wake up and embrace what I have. I want others to feel the same and feel empowered with their bodies”




  • loves a good marg with some chips & salsa
  • grew up in Ohio, then lived in NYC, Chicago, and then Venice Beach, California for 10 years
  • is obsessed with sticky notes
  • gets a little tipsy and starts talking in an Australian accent
  • used to draw realistic portraits of people
  • has jumped out of an airplane
  • used to have snake named Stanely
  • loves to go fast on her cannondale road bike
  • has completed 2 triathlons
  • is about to turn 40